Those of you dealing with the daily challenges of leadership have long realized there are no magic wands to real change and improvement. NorthStar Consulting Group does not practice "hit and run" problem solving.

We work with you to address your challenges by practicing core disciplines of organizational success. During our extensive involvement and work with a wide range of companies and organizations we have found that thriving organizations are adept at four foundational disciplines. These disciplines are the underpinning of our work with and service to our clients.


  • Critical need to define reality.
  • Capability to design a targeted process of gathering "real" information.
  • Diagnosing before prescribing.
  • Creating an environment that encourages and expects individual growth.
  • Competitive edge of ongoing progressive organizational and individual improvement.
  • Culture of continual learning.
  • Moving in the same direction, striving for the same goals and clear on the same priorities.
  • Processes and procedures channeling organizational initiatives and energy.
  • Organizational culture and environment which is conducive to personal growth, high productivity, and common mission.
  • Confronting the hard issues.
  • Targeted initiatives to address critical needs.
  • Focused assistance to rescue, restore, or accelerate.

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