One of the greatest challenges facing leadership is the ability to define reality. Leadership must sort through the complexity of agendas, individual perspectives, differing opinions, and layers of filtered data and information. The desire and effort is made to make important corporate decisions based on solid data. But all too often the decisions fall well short of desired results due to incomplete or faulty information.

The foundation of important decision-making and real long-term organizational improvement and change requires a complete and unencumbered understanding of the needs and issues - data you can trust from a process you can trust.

But assessment is also more than a process. It is a mindset: a mindset not only of candid review and analysis of not just the hard data and information but the willingness to assess and challenge the beliefs and assumptions upon which your business is based.

"Good data can be distorted by faulty thinking"

NorthStar Consulting Group has a proven track record of value-added service and expertise through a full array of assessment services and capabilities. We have served companies in assisting them assess their corporate culture, training needs, leadership issues and attitudes, and team capabilities.

We use the most current methodologies, tools and expertise to design a process that addresses the unique needs, issues and culture of your organization. We blend both subjective and objective approaches to assure the most comprehensive assessment plan possible. Some of the tools we use include a complete scope of survey services. These survey services range from customer and employee satisfaction surveys, 360-degree feedback processes, and OptionFinder®, which is an electronic process used during meetings where each participant is able to provide anonymous input via individual keypads.

Once a quality assessment is completed then an effective initiative can be constructed.

"Diagnose before you prescribe"

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