What is the OptionFinder System?

The OptionFinder System is a combination of the software and interactive wireless keypads used to improve group communications in face-to-face meetings. The keypads are handed out to meeting participants. The way OptionFinder works is simple. During the course of a meeting keypads are distributed to participants. Our staff then poses a question to the participants along with a set of response choices, both of which are projected onto a screen. Participants then press the corresponding number on their keypad as their response. The OptionFinder software then takes the keypad responses and instantly graphs the results. These graphs can either be presented during the meeting or at a later time. One of the great things about the OptionFinder System is that it can be used in large groups of 1,000 or more, or be scaled all the way down to groups of 10 or less.

The OptionFinder advantage: Anonymity, Speed, Customization

OptionFinder retains the anonymous nature of both an internet survey and a paper-and-pencil survey. In confidential or controversial matters OptionFinder can be used as a tool to gather data anonymously, and therefore increase the accuracy of the responses.

During an OptionFinder session, results are calculated immediately. This means that survey results are available for instant feedback. This allows votes can be shown instantaneously and the results can be complied immediately for quick review.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of OptionFinder lies in the ability to customize questions on-the-fly. Questions can be added on-site, between groups, or during a session. This can be useful when it comes to dealing with unexpected issues. Instead of commissioning another survey, simply add the new question.

Benefits & Applications
of the
OptionFinder System

The OptionFinder service adds an element of objectivity and speed that is often unattainable by conventional facilitation methods. It also serves as an excellent tool for conducting surveys or market research.

The benefits are numerous and the applications are virtually endless. The OptionFinder session is easily adapted to any group or activity.


  • Data can be quickly broken down to show how sub-groups respond to an issue
  • OptionFinder can show immediate results for any question asked
  • Questions are fully customizable, with the software allowing questions to be added on-the-fly
  • Leadership and management can make higher quality decisions because OptionFinder focuses on issues more efficiently and effectively than solely relying upon group discussions
  • Management can see the opinions/responses of groups and teams immediately, which can aid in quicker decisions
  • OptionFinder yields quantifiable data on subjective issues
  • Anonymity of the responses assures the reliability of the data gathered
  • By voting with OptionFinder keypads, people do not feel intimidated by others in the room and are more likely to answer based on belief and not appearance
  • Detaches the emotion of the issue and provides unclouded objective data

  • Presentations where the speaker wants to involve the audience
  • Customer meetings when immediate feedback is needed regarding customer issues or complaints
  • Customer Focus Groups regarding a new product introduction
  • Employee feedback sessions
  • Town meetings
  • Management planning sessions where business options are being considered
  • Surveys - OptionFinder is ideal for quick-turnaround surveys as well as surveying large numbers of employees at the same time
  • Games/Icebreakers - Ask company trivia and see how many employees know the answer

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