Corporate Culture

There are many definitions of corporate culture. We define culture as a series of invisible contracts with employees, which are driven by common values and assumptions. The power and impact of culture cannot be overstated.

The culture assessment process is a comprehensive analysis of the organizationís culture. The assessment process is a defined and disciplined series of in-depth initiatives and study. A well-designed assessment process lays the groundwork for successful culture change.

Our history of success is due to our distinctive capabilities and approach. We have built our reputation and long-term relationships with clients because of our facilitative style and broad expertise. The power and uniqueness of our culture assessment process lies in two areas: 1) the systematic involvement of a cross section of internal staff to co-facilitate key components of the process with NorthStar and 2) the expertise to look beyond the issues surfaced in the process to the values, beliefs and assumptions that impact the culture. NorthStar is a recognized value-added partner in assessing organizational culture and implementing the culture change process.

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