Culture Assessment

The following is an overview of the NorthStar culture assessment process. It must be noted that each process is tailored to meet the unique needs and dynamics of your company being served.

A successful process must be defined, disciplined, comprehensive and tailored.

Process Overview

I. Meet with organization leadership

  • Assures higher level of buy-in throughout the company
  • Learn and understand leadership’s vision and direction

II. Select internal culture assessment team to be a part of the process

  • Cross section of company
  • Mix of personnel for proper representation

III. Train the culture assessment team

  • To understand and assess organizational culture
  • To co-facilitate interviews and focus groups

IV. Gather data

  • Environmental scan
  • In-depth interviews
  • Focus groups
  • Employee survey (if required)

V. Synthesize data

VI. Formulate the cultural summary report

  • List the issues
  • Identify the dominant organizational values
  • Identify beliefs and assumptions
  • Clarify the dynamics within the culture that feed the beliefs and assumptions
  • Provide support data

VII. Presentation of data to Leadership Team

VIII. Establish a plan of action


Process Success Factors

  • Commitment of leadership
  • Clear vision of desired culture
  • Commitment of time and resources
  • Use of external assistance and expertise for objectivity
  • Use of internal employees for context and insights

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