Alignment is when a company or team is moving in the same direction, at the same speed, striving for the same goals, and clear on the same priorities.

"Competing energy robs corporate potential"

If there is any area that has the most impact on organizational success and productivity, it is alignment. The power of any group to excel resides in unity of a common passion. History records well the exceptional accomplishments of people and companies who are united with common desire, purpose, and priorities.

An alignment initiative is a defined and disciplined process. Common vision is created, direction is defined, and measurable goals are developed. A well-designed process takes intangibles and connects to tangible results.

"Alignment connects intangibles with tangible results."

NorthStar Consulting Group has helped numerous companies with alignment needs. Our full service capability allows us to create alignment initiatives addressing broad organizational needs such as corporate culture, strategic planning, and mission and vision development to more focused alignment activities such as meeting facilitation, executive retreats, and project team alignment.


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