Organizational Alignment:

The Power of Vision, Mission, & Goals

The power of any group to excel resides in unity of a common passion. History records well the exceptional accomplishments of people and companies who are united with a common desire, purpose, and objective.

Groups tend to excel and accomplish extraordinary things when faced with one of two extremes - survival or success. Victory in both extremes demands alignment of vision, mission, and goals. Alignment for survival is born out of necessity but alignment for success is born out of opportunity.

The corporate ability to mobilize the forces and "rise to the occasion" is in direct proportion to the investment of time and energy to identify, integrate, and nurture the corporate vision, mission, and goals.

An organizational alignment initiative is a defined and disciplined process. Common vision is created, direction is defined, and measurable goals are developed. A well designed process takes intangibles and connects to tangible results. The process involves all levels of an organization. A comprehensive alignment process has involvement and input at all levels. This involvement creates a critical mass of ownership, higher level of trust, and unity on core issues.

NorthStar Consulting Group has assisted numerous management teams and companies by successfully designing and implementing organizational alignment processes. We have worked with a wide range of small to Fortune 100 companies locally, regionally, and nationally.

"Changeless Principles for a Changing World"

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