Every organization is faced with issues that require decisive and timely resolution. These are issues that if not addressed, will impact productivity, morale, and overall organizational success and potential.

Intervention is the targeted initiative that addresses the hard problems by aggressively implementing a resolution process. All too often difficult issues are ignored, hoping they will sort themselves out or just go away.

"Un-dealt with issues do not go away, just underground."

Critical issues needing attention may be as broad as a corporate culture problem or may be a single department, team or individual requiring intervention.

NorthStar Consulting Group has the experience and expertise to assist you in designing, implementing, and executing a successful issue resolution initiative. Our full service capabilities enables us to help you, be it a corporate culture or alignment issue, team or department problems, or a key executive requiring personalized intervention.

It must be noted that the real success of any intervention process lies not in just a well-designed resolution process. The centerpiece of successful intervention is the personal skills, qualities, and attributes of the consultant selected. The innate ability to blend strength with understanding allows the company to deal with sensitive and volatile issues in a highly productive manner.

"Skilled facilitation creates an environment
of problem solving not problem blaming."

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