Why A Project
Partnering Session?


Because it saves time and money!

A project partnering session lowers the risk of cost overruns and project delays because of increased cooperative time and cost control. A recent survey of 30 partnered projects valued at $684 million reported no litigation's, $4.5 million saved on change orders and early completions, 86% had no lost time accidents, and 50% finished an average of 80 days early.

Because it builds relationships!

In the construction industry, adversarial relationships come historically. As a result of the partnering process, issues are resolved more quickly and amicably because of the rapport established from the beginning of the working relationship. The survey reported that submittals were processed in 6 to 14 days and requests for information in 3 to 8 days.

Because it encourages creativity!

A project partnering session creates greater openness to consider alternative approaches from all parties and increases opportunities for innovation in problem solving. Partners work together creatively and openly for their mutual benefit.

Because it reduces the negatives!

It has proven to virtually eliminate the finger pointing that naturally occurs when people work together closely. It also reduces the time and paperwork spent posturing in case of litigation. A major architectural firm estimated that 5% of its construction phase fee could be saved if partnering proved successful.

Because itís just a better way to do business!

A project partnering session puts the importance and power of relationships back into business. It recaptures the spirit of doing business with a handshake. As a result everyone comes out a winner!

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