Project Partnering


A Project Partnering Session is a one to two day meeting undertaken by all the major participants in a significant project. The session analyzes the potential pitfalls inherent in the project and works toward mutually defined goals and procedures for dealing with the inevitable obstacles. It creates an atmosphere of trust and understanding that will foster cooperation, rapid issue resolution, and open communication. It greatly maximizes the effectiveness of human resources and the use of material resources. It is not a contractual relationship but rather a way of working within a contractual relationship.

"Why point fingers when you can shake hands?"


A Project Partnering Session is a return to the days when two parties worked together for their mutual benefit instead of seeking reasons to point fingers and protect their interests. It is agreeing to keep on shaking hands for the duration of the project.

Partnering sessions are effective in all industries when a project requires significant interface and dependency on multiple groups.

The construction industry has been a leader in project partnering. The sessions have proven to be powerfully effective in laying the foundation for major construction projects. Construction industry surveys report that partnering participants indicated that:

  • 85% felt partnering improved resource planning
  • 96% believed it improved quality
  • 82% experienced improved communication and teamwork
  • 70% of their projects were completed on time or ahead of schedule
  • 80% of their projects were completed within or below budget

NorthStar Consulting Group specializes in facilitating project partnering sessions.

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