Why NorthStar?


Why utilize NorthStar Consulting Group for your survey needs?

The importance of the survey process requires the initial selection and continual relationship with an organization that provides the best fit with your organizationís philosophy, needs and expectations. NorthStar Consulting Group offers a blend of premiere qualities that will provide you with the highest level of professional service.

    • Expertise

NorthStar Consulting Group has been involved with the design, administration and processing of a wide array of complex and sophisticated surveys as well as simple, concise ones. We will provide your organization with the confidence and security to effectively conduct the survey process within its determined schedule and scope.

    • Confidentiality

One of the greatest concerns is the issue of confidentiality. Stated clearly, the quality of data is in direct proportion to the level of safety and anonymity a person feels and perceives. NorthStar Consulting Group assures the highest level of confidentiality through proven survey procedures and data gathering techniques. These procedures and techniques maximize the comfort during the survey administration, which directly increases the validity of the data.

    • Guided Focus and Time Allocation

NorthStar Consulting Group provides the time, energy and focus required to successfully complete the survey process with the highest level of quality and thoroughness. We provide your organizationís management with the guidance and support to effectively oversee the survey process without being bogged down by details or pulled by competing demands.

    • Objectivity

Organizations have found that an objective perspective was very beneficial and important as they synthesize and analyze survey results. NorthStar Consulting Group provides this objective perspective through expert analysis and overview of the data and unbiased delivery of the results.

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