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What our clients are saying
We at NorthStar are proud to have worked with a wide range of clients. The following are actual comments from letters we have received from clients.

Our Results

- "The results you have helped us get from our employee education programs have been dramatic and have caused us to value these processes as key to our future success."

- "…we ended up with a very clearly defined vision that everyone bought into and is committed to."

- "I am happy to report that we are becoming a much more client-oriented organization, focused clearly on our principal markets, with a re-energized staff and a healthier bottom line."

- "We are implementing important changes in our organizational structure and operations, and we are showing strong financial performance this year."

- "We have made a tremendous amount of progress since we first talked last year."

- "You were able to generate positive results after the first interactive session with our salesmen."

- "NorthStar Consulting Group has been instrumental in helping us achieve our current level of success."

Long Term Relationships

- "Over the course of five years, I have seen you employ these skills to successfully impact a client's business - helping them to change behaviors, processes and styles to meet their organizational objectives."

- "You helped guide our firm during our critical years of development."

- "We truly consider you a partner in our success and have been comfortable in recommending you highly to other businesses, some of which are now your clients."

- "I value our business relationship and look forward to future possibilities."

- "We have truly benefited from our business partnership."

- "We were a firm of about 50 when we first started working together. We have grown and improved as a firm because of your involvement in our corporate and personal lives."

Our Values

- "Your strong commitment and high ethics ensure that each project receives your utmost attention and follow-through."

- "I have always been impressed with your integrity and leadership."

- "NorthStar Consulting Group has been committed to our success."

- "You seek feedback aggressively and use it to continually improve techniques and materials."

Training & Employee Education

- "You are skilled in preparing presentation material and curriculum using a variety of medium and activities to keep a learning environment fast moving, stimulating and productive."

- "Experience has shown that you have the ability to tailor curriculum to our employees that supported the strategic direction of the company, taking an accurate understanding of our strategic concepts, values and beliefs and translating them through classes in useful, practical and easily understood manner."

- "You did a great job listening, enabling participation and keeping a group focused."

- "Every participant felt that it was a highly productive event, and very much fun."

- "You related well with our sales and management and earned their attention and respect."

- "You worked well with our CEO, managing the concepts of employee training, our middle managers, getting their support and buy-in and all employees in effectively presenting relevant classes and activities."

- "You have to rare ability not only to create relevant curriculum but also teach it in an effective manner."

- "You not only have helped us with the classes you taught but helped a number of employees be better teachers."

- "You are enthusiastic in front of an audience, whether one person or a large group."

- "We see our outside sales staff engage in more professional selling behaviors. In fact, those behaviors are still in place even after the "formal" training has been completed."

- "You worked effectively not only with our staff, but with our senior management team helping them play an integral part in the skills development process."

Change Management

- "I highly recommend any management team struggling with change call a 'time out' and spend a few days together with Jerry Rushing."

Strategic Planning

- "Your leadership through our recent session not only was a great team building exercise for our new team members but we ended up with a very clearly defined vision that everyone bought into and is committed to."

- "You are a strategist as well as executor of the strategy."

- "You have touched our company at every level - from company-wide strategic planning, to departmental planning, to project partnering."

- "You helped us focus in on our strategic values."

- "Through the strategic planning process you have helped our executive team set our goals and chart our course."

- "Your ability and willingness to frame the planning to meet our needs rather then just apply packaged processes has been key to producing results."

Meeting Facilitation

- "You facilitated our large group masterfully. Your level of preparation, the research you did… and your steady handling of the meeting flow all contributed to a very productive meeting."

- "You have a unique talent of organizational perception coupled with the ability to effectively communicate and facilitate at all levels within an organization."

- "I have never seen as skilled a facilitator as you are."

- "You know how to move an organization or team forward without compromising the process of the people."

- "I will be pleased to recommend your services to any board, staff or community group wanting an effective meeting or training."


- "Your work with our leadership in team building has ensured that we are all moving in the same direction."

- "We highly value the work you have done in leadership development with our executive team, providing insights and opportunities for alignment within the team."

Issue Resolution

- "Your ability to be objective, yet personal, was key to success of those sometimes difficult discussions."

- "You are particularly adept at framing the issues in a productive way, allowing us to own not just the issues but also the solutions."

Corporate Culture

- "We have taken enormous strides over the past 10 months, and I appreciate the contributions you made."

- "Your guidance helped us shape our operations and change our culture to allow this kind of growth."

- "We continue to reap the benefits of the process which you introduced, and we continue to appreciate both the substance which you provided and the manner in which you provided it."


- "Your ongoing help in team building and handling of our annual cultural audit has been invaluable to LaRosa's."

- "This survey provided multiple benefits including better identification of the firm's strengths and weaknesses."

- "You have been instrumental in our current success because of the employee surveys, obtaining and interpreting employee opinions and helping us develop action plans based on the results."

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