Survey Process


Phase 1: Survey Design

This phase includes the survey processí assessment, planning and design. It is completed in partnership with your staff. NorthStar Consulting Group gathers input from your organizationís management to determine the goals and scope of the survey and will perform follow-up sessions for editing and approval of the final product. This phase also includes the development of the survey distribution approach.


Phase 2: Survey Administration

NorthStar Consulting Group will help facilitate the distribution of the survey and will oversee its administration through the determined communication channel. Completed surveys are accessible only to the NorthStar Consulting Group, which ensures confidentiality and anonymity.


Phase 3: Data Analysis and Reporting

NorthStar Consulting Group will process the returned surveys, compile the data and conduct a thorough data analysis. Standard analyses are included in this phase, such as results by gender, age, tenure, job family and division. Any open-ended question responses will be documented and catalogued in a manner that maintains confidentiality.


Phase 4: Action Planning and Feedback

NorthStar Consulting Group will help target areas to address and identify potential initiatives and action steps. We will also support and guide your management in providing survey data and action plans in a timely fashion.


Survey Process Time Frame

NorthStar Consulting Groupsí standard time frame for a survey process is typically eight to ten weeks. This ensures thorough distribution and completion time and increases the accuracy of the feedback results.


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