Survey Instrument

The accuracy and utility of survey results are based on the quality and validity of the instrument and process. NorthStar Consulting Groupís survey instruments reflect the following critical characteristics:

    • Statistical validity and reliability

The survey instruments ensure that the data gathered and the results processed possess statistical integrity. This is a required component for the accurate determination of potential opportunities and issues.

    • Issue identification

The survey instruments are designed to clearly and cleanly uncover pressing issues, needs and opportunities. This allows your organization to proactively identify and address the issues and capitalize on potential opportunities.

    • User friendly

The surveys are easy and simple for respondents to understand and complete. This is essential for ensuring high levels of participation.

    • Benchmarking support

The surveys provide a platform for continual assessment of your initiatives and programs over time. This support enables your organization to track trends and to assess the progress of your initiatives.

    • Timely survey results

The survey instruments are designed to minimize the time between survey administration and employee feedback. This is critical in maintaining credibility with your employees and momentum of the action planning process.

    • Versatility

The survey can be administered through various communication channels including phone, e-mail and paper. This provides flexibility in time-demanding environments and increases the participation of remote or telecommuting employees.


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