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Betty Rushing presently serves as President for NorthStar. After attending the University of Georgia, she began her professional banking career with C&S/Nations Bank in Atlanta. As one of the first female officers of the company, she became a Branch Manager and Commercial Loan Officer. Betty's areas of expertise are in organizational management and financial accountability.

Jerry Rushing received his formal education in Tennessee where he earned his Bachelor of Science from Lee University and his Masters Degree from the University of Tennessee in Knoxville. In 1992 he was selected to be the Covey Leadership Center affiliate consultant for the state of Ohio. His expertise has enabled him to work throughout the United States and Canada with a variety of corporate, civic, medical, and educational organizations. Jerry is particularly in demand working with leadership teams in the areas of corporate culture and strategic focus, problem solving and issue resolution, and organizational alignment.

Gary Rivoli, has been with NorthStar since 1995 and specializes in the area of Partnering and Group Facilitation. He has traveled nationally conducting seminars and facilitating roundtable discussions with groups of Vice Presidents of Engineering from companies such as B.F. Goodrich, Timex Company, Air Products, Crayola and Uniroyal. Gary is a member of Who's Who in the South and Southeast and is the former Director of the Kentuckiana Construction Users Council. Gary graduated from University of Louisville Speed Scientific School and received his Masters Degree from the Institute of Community Development at the University.

Jim Van Buren graduated from Lehigh University with a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering and from New York University with an MBA in Management. Jim has 36 years professional experience in Manufacturing and Finance with Procter & Gamble. He has experience in many plants and in corporate headquarters across most P&G product categories. Jim's significant expertise is in strategy development, profit improvement and systemic change efforts.

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