Executive Coaching

Successful coaching initiatives have a structured planning and implementation process. This process must be personalized, flexible and progressively challenging. Although the plan incorporates multiple support people, the details of the feedback and assessments are strictly confidential. The goal is to create a supportive internal accountability structure thus minimizing dependence on the external consultant.

The outline below is designed to provide a sense of the depth of the process. The specific process will vary depending upon the issues and needs of the individual being coached.


I. Laying the Foundation

   Meeting with the executive’s superior and any other individual deemed appropriate (i.e., HR, etc.)

  • obtain initial overview and history
  • identify issues
  • define goals, expectations and deliverables.

   Meeting(s) with individual

  • build relationship
  • identify personal goals for the process
  • create the process plan together


II. Defining Reality

   Tailored battery of assessments such as…

  • Highlands Inventory
  • Watson-Glases Critical Thinking Inventory
  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator

   360-degree personalized profile

  • consultant conducts the 360-degree profile with each person
  • interviews with key people
  • specific and detailed strengths and areas for improvement
  • "real world" examples provided



III. Feedback and Planning

   Personal planning retreat

  • dedicated and focused time off site
  • 1 – 2 days depending on the circumstances


  • Assessment results
  • 360-degree feedback

   Individualized Development Plan (IDP) developed

  • detailed and specific goals
  • defined action steps and course of action
  • practical yet measurable initiatives
  • identify two internal support and accountability partners


IV. Plan Implementation

   Meet with superior

  • outline plan
  • secure support and input

   Meet with support and accountability partners individually

  • outline plan
  • define specifically what partners are to observe and how to support

   Consultant meets with superior and key individuals to outline the best way to support and manage the individual


V. Plan Accountability and Maintenance

   Ongoing planning and plan development

  • monthly themes and areas of focus outlined
  • weekly action steps and goals defined

   Support and accountability meetings

  • weekly call from consultant (or more frequently if needed)
  • monthly meeting (or more frequently if needed)
  • planned meetings with boss
  • weekly meeting with two in-house feedback accountability partners

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